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Bangladesh lies in the north-eastern part of South Asia. It is bordered on the west, north and northeast by India, on the southeast by Myanmar and on the south, by the Bay of Bengal. The area of the country is 143,999 square kilometres (55,598 square miles) and is shown below:

A network of about 3,000 kilometres of railway connects the country, 15,000 km of paved road and 6,000 km of perennial and seasonal waterways. Dhaka, the capital of the country, is linked with several major international cities by air and regular domestic air services are operated between Dhaka and other major towns in the country. The two major seaports are at Chittagong and Mongla. Agriculture is the main occupation, employing 63% of the labour force. This sector directly contributes about 30% to the Gross Domestic Products. Rice, wheat, jute, sugar cane, tobacco, oilseed, pulse and potatoes are the principal crops. In addition, the country produces 40 million kilograms of tea per year.

Chittagong area

The District of Chittagong is located in the southeast of Bangladesh and is the second largest seaport in the country. Chittagong city is the commercial centre for the surrounding agricultural region and the District comprises 5,283 square kilometres. It is estimated that the population of the District is approximately 24 million.
Chittagong has been the industrial hub of the country for a number of years and deals with over 60% of the country’s total exports and imports. Substantial amounts of investment has been attracted to the area and much of the nation’s heavy industry, such as cement, oil refineries, automobile assembly, steel and iron production, are based in Chittagong. Communications within Chittagong are reasonable and the area is linked with the rest of country by road, air, rail and sea. The airport has developed international routes directly with South-East Asia, Europe and the USA.


Crystal Group is one of Bangladesh’s oldest and most diversified business groups. Mr. Murshed Murad Ibrahim, the president of the Chittagong Chamber of Commerce and Industries, is the Managing Director of Crystal Group.

Grandfather of Mr. Murshed Late Alhaj  Md. Ibrahim Meah was a famous Industrialist & established businessman in whole Bangladesh. He established Golap Oil Mills since 1948 probably second of its kind at Chittagong during the beginning of independent from British reign over 200 years administration.  He also established an Automatic Rice Mills first of its kind at Chittagong in 1958. For industrialization of the country Alhaj Ibrahim Meah established a modern composite textile mills at Chittagong in 1963 consisting of spinning, weaving, dyeing and printing in the name of Ibrahim Cotton Mills Ltd. The mill name of the above textile industry is still in the next of Bangladesh nationals.

Four-father of Mr. Murshed Late Haji Naju Meah Sowdagar was a philanthropist, educationist, socialist, landlord, kindest and established businessman in Chittagong. During 1935 he established a cotton Ginning factory first of its kind at Chittagong. He was also first elected President of the Asam-Bengla Muslim Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Mr. Naju Meah was a founder of K.S. Naju Meah High School, Hathazari, Chittagong and founder of many mosques at Chittagong.

Father of Mr. Murshed Late Mr. Sekandar Hossain Meah (Died in 1990) was another successful and prominent entrepreneur in Chittagong. He was engaged with different institutions as:

  • Ex-Member Bangladesh National Parliament,
  • Ex-Mayor of Chittagong City Corporation,
  • Ex-Honorary Consul of  Republic of South Korea,
  • Ex-Director of Bangladesh Shilpa Bank,
  • Ex-Managing Director of Ibrahim Group,
  • Ex-Founder Member of University of Science & Technology Chittagong (USTC), Chittagong Public School  & College and Bhatiary Golf  & Country  Club,
  • Ex-President  of  Chittagong  Chamber  of  Commerce  &  Industry ( CCCI ), 
  • Ex-Chairman   of  Chittagong  Club Ltd.   and
  • Ex-Vice President of The Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FBCCI).


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